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Professional counselor Education

Supervision: The Next Step

Such an important step in our counselor development: Obtaining outstanding clinical supervision during the LPC Associate phase. Unsure of how to find a supervisor or what makes a good fit? Look for these qualities and ask these questions:

  • Is the supervisor knowledgeable about ethics? Ask for examples of how ethics are included in the supervisory experience.
  • Is the supervisor accepting supervisees of differing theoretical orientation? If so, how will that difference work? What are some perceived strengths and weaknesses? Additionally, if the supervisee is just developing and exploring a theoretical orientation, how will that be addressed within the supervisory process?
  • Will the supervisor be on-site? How will potential role conflicts of having a clinical supervisor and administrative supervisor "all in one" be managed? How will you be evaluated?
  • Will the supervisor not be on site? How will they observe your competency? How will you be evaluated?
  • What are the supervisor's areas of expertise? Populations? Settings? Disorders? Do they match with yours? If so, how will this be a benefit? If not, how will this be a benefit?
  • What times and days are the supervisory meetings (mandatory minimum four hours per month in Texas)? How are illnesses, absences, and vacations managed? Are the hours "made up"? Is there an on-call supervisor to meet with?
  • Is supervision done in a group format or/and individual format? What are some strengths and weaknesses of each?
  • What is the contracted rate? How are vacations handled?
  • What forms are required? Is there anything I need to do (e.g., obtain professional liability insurance)?
  • What is expected of me in each supervision session (e.g., oral or written case conceptualization, role play, experiential, videotape or audiotape review, transcription, case studies, workshop attendance...)?
  • Can the supervisor supervise you at more than one site (especially important if your supervisor is part of your terms of employment - Will they be able to supervise you at an additional site outside of that work place, including volunteer positions)?

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